About Janice Woolsey, Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner

I originally trained as a physiotherapist (NZ) then an osteopath (UK). I have worked in London with a cardiologist, working in stress management and breathing pattern disorders. I have continued searching for different ways to encourage the body's own natural healing mechanism. I have seen many things which my past training couldn't explain.

My interest in BodyTalk™ was piqued after hearing a lecture by Dr John Veltheim, using science and energy medicine in the same framework. After 20 years of 'hands-on' work, my own hands were limiting the amount of work I could do. This was a possible solution. After one day of Access training, I started using basic techniques and saw changes I couldn't explain. That stimulated me to train as a Bodytalk practitioner. As a result of having treatment myself, my hands are no longer a problem.

BodyTalk™ has given me the framework which includes everything that I have done, and adds another dimension. My work focuses on general bodywork – from relaxation, specific structural problems, stress management and breathing re-education to specific Bodytalk sessions. I utilise whatever approach is best suited to meet the client's individual needs.

Janice Woolsey,
BodyTalk™ Practitioner

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