Do you know how you are breathing?

Breathing is something we do from the moment we are born, until the moment we die. It is a natural function, so how can it need to be re-educated?

Breathing can be affected by many things — pain, surgery, sleep deprivation, fear, fashion, activities that distort normal breathing, as well as medical conditions like low iron levels,respiratory problems, blocked nasal passages etc. Even being around people who are highly stressed can influence how you breath.

Breathing should be matched to our physical requirements — when exercising, our breathing changes to meet those needs, and should return to a normal resting pattern after the exercise has stopped. The body only has so many ways to react to stress, so emotional or psychological stress will also alter our breathing. As we no longer need to "fight the tiger", or "run for our lives", that reaction starts to change our body chemistry. If continued for long periods, the body 'learns to breath differently'. Long after the stressful situation has ended, the body is still breathing as though it was in stress mode. This can produce unpleasant symptoms, which increase our stress. This creates a vicious cycle.

    • Learn how to become aware of your breathing.....
    • Learn what normal breathing feels like, and how to retrain it.
    • Learn how to use this amazing 'tool' to help you cope better with life.

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