Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of body therapy — being mentioned in ancient Chinese texts, and in annals of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Many cultures have massage as part of their everyday life, but in Western cultures it tends to be used for sports injuries, or pampering yourself.

Massage is the systematic manipulation of the body's soft tissues, primarily the muscles, to benefit the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems. Massage produces changes in the body that are both physiological and psychological, affecting nearly every system in the body.

Massage can relieve stress, alleviate pain, flush toxins from tired muscles, and help prevent injuries.

Most people are only aware of their body when it is in pain. Massage is not only a treatment, but can educate people about their body — to areas of potential problems, to old injuries that have not healed properly, and to areas of stress and tension.

In this time when most people 'live in their heads', with advancing technology, and busy stressful lives; it is valuable to get back into the body and be still, even for an hour.

Massage reveals 'the language of the body'.

If you are interested in Massage Therapy, please contact Janice Woolsey.

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