"I have been a client of Jans for many years.
Initially in her capacity as a physiotherapist treating chronic back and neck pain, and lately having monthly therapeutic body massages.

These massages have been wonderful--I am now pain free and active, and intend to continue with them on a permanent basis.

Thanks Jan."

"Jan has treated 3 members of our family and we all found her to be professional, responsive, kind and therapeutic.

We have consulted Jan for many differing reasons - hyperventilation, stress, injury, and learning difficulties.
She offers a safe environment, wonderful healing hands, and we all look forward to her care."

"A friend suggested I see Jan when I started experiencing back and neck pain. I have now been seeing Jan intermittently for the last 5 years.

Jan has a holistic approach to well being which suits my philosophy. I also like that Jan only treats when it is necessary--as opposed to multiple treatments over a period of time.

Jan provides solutions to my problems rather than ongoing treatment that only gives some reprieve. Therefore, i now only need to see Jan, 3-4 times a year for maintenance.

Just quietly, I sometimes go and see Jan simply for a relaxing massage to ease tension in my body. I highly recommend her."

"Several years ago with plans for overseas travel being under threat as a result of severe pain and limited back movement, a friend recommended that I should visit Jan.

I was amazed how quickly her treatment helped, and found that I was soon able to get back normal movement, and able to go ahead with my holiday plans.

I still go back when I feel it necessary, and always leave feeling three inches taller,
knowing that my problems will have eased.
Other family members and friends also continue to rely on Jan for physical ailments."


"Over many years I had placed major pressure on my back. I had fallen off horses numerous times, fallen through a 9 foot stud floor, and lastly fallen out of a whelly bin when jumping in to push rubbish down. I had ripped hamstrings in 3 places that caused a lot of pain, and my back was always sore.

I came to Jan when I could not lie flat in bed to sleep, read on my stomach, and had to 'roll' out of bed in the morning as my back could not support my body.

I could not walk further than a few steps without stopping to correct myself. I could do no exercise. Today I can run, am back at the gym and swimming 1.25 km, five times a week, and feel amazing. This lady changed my life, and I thank her and her amazing hands every day!


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